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"I came here by recommendation from a friend and from the first day Ashlee was able to ease my pain and improve my ability to walk. She used many different approaches to get me so I could walk more than 3-4 feet without severe pain. Today my back is better and I can function normally."
- Andrew

"In Motion PT is a wonderful place. My son works with Amanda and we have had the best experience."

"Due to the amazing people at In Motion PT, I am being released back to work 2 months earlier than expected."

"Extremely pleased with In Motion. Best personalize care in Rock Springs. I recently moved out of the state and will miss the best service around."

"In Motion has been great to work with. Ashlee has helped me and my family members get back into the activities that we enjoy. She is skilled and knowledgeable, but most of all she is a friendly and caring person."


"I have been to severals PTs during the past 12 years. I am seeing amazing results in the past 90 days. I feel like they care, they listen, and provide individualized treatments for the combination of life events that have caused tension on your body. They prioritize your needs and continue to work on your body as a whole to give the best results possible."


"After my total knee replacement, the staff at In Motion PT was extremely helpful in getting me back walking normally. Not only did they explain what exercises to do, but they also explained why they were important. Focused, individual attention by experienced therapists made all the difference. I can't thank the staff at In Motion enough and absolutely recommend their services."


"I broke my foot and now because of physical therapy, I am able to run and jump again."


“Can’t say enough good things about the hard work the crew at In Motion PT has put into my recovery (back surgery). It has been 20 months since my operation and they continue to put up with me and cheer me on. With their guidance and support, I am getting better by the month. Still have a long road ahead, but with my therapist’s dedication, I am positive I will get there. Thank You!”


"After chiropractic care following my car accident for close to 1 year without relief, I was recommended to “In Motion PT.” Since then, I have had a journey of up and downs, but with the help and guidance of my therapist, now I am stabilized and on the road to recovery. I have also been seeing Jessi, their massage therapist, on a weekly basis and I cannot give her enough praise. Ashlee is a tireless and positive force in the recovery of my injury. She explains things in the most simple terms and treats all of her clients with the same care and compassion!"


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